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Social Media Package

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Social Media Package

An inspiring, creative touch determines the level of your IG influence. We have put together this special package for that purpose. Our blend of creativity, flair and variety will spice up your IG with inspiring visuals.

YouTube Splash Design

Also included in the social media package is a YouTube Splash Screen design 1920×1080 which will give the listener a much better experience while listening to your song.

The Demo to Die For Social Media Package Cover Art Designs

YouTube Audio Visualizer

An Audio Visualizer is the best way to promote your music, It enhances how the audience experience and connects to your music. It’s a special way of setting the perfect mood and intensity to your song.

Dystopia Social Media Package Cover Art Designs

File Compression

Most social media platforms recommend a specific file type and file size. Choosing the correct file type means choosing a file type that’s easy to download, share and load. Our package offers a powerful file compression that also retains the best quality possible.


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