Social Media is a virtual world, which means that your album cover design has to be unique from the rest and leave a lasting impression. Apart from providing vast exposure, social media also provides a cheap advertisement to artists determined to get their music out there and businesses in general. More than one billion internet users visit at least one social media page each day. For many brands, there are more online purchases and social media referrals than direct walk-in clients. A boring social media page means few or no followers, hence zero sales.  As such, it is always advisable to get a professional cover design for your brand. Our package provides services like Facebook cover designs, YouTube splash design, Instagram cover design and compressed files for social media usage. These features that when fully maximized can take your music marketing strategies to a whole new level.


1. Make Appealing Facebook Cover Designs

Facebook Ads are the most successful marketing features on social media as a whole. With a user base of more than one billion daily, Facebook is the most suitable social media platform to use when targeting a large client base. Facebook cover designs act as first impressions on your Facebook Ad. They determine whether a client will click to your advert or simply pass. Well-designed professional and imaginative cover arts gain you more likes and post engagements.  Cover art, therefore, commands great expertise and sophisticated graphical designs. We offer professionally designed covers with guaranteed attention and strong Facebook influence.


2. Get The Right Resolution For Your Youtube Splash Design

Splash screens are usually visual enhancements to music videos. You should always aspire to have an appealing one. A splash screen provides the opportunity to charm with your audience and enhances brand identity. As a rule of the thumb, your Youtube Splash screen resolution should be attractive but should not interfere with loading time. A good video complements good vocal. YouTube is the largest social media platform exclusive to videos.

Additionally, when one is watching a video on YouTube, unlike other social media platforms, it is highly unlikely that they have divided attention. This gives an artist higher or business the advantage of undivided attention from the audience. It’s therefore always a good idea to present your Youtube Splash in the best way possible so as to maximize viewership or sales. Would you like to keep your viewers coming back to view your video? Our social media package offers exciting designs for your YouTube splash, up to 1920X1080 screen resolution.

3.Create Inspiring Insta Stories Highlight Design

Appealing Instagram covers increases the time your newsfeed will stay visible to followers. With more than eight million daily users, Instagram provides the best platform to market your brand or album cover. Unlike Facebook Ads, Insta Ads are non-paid. Post engagements depend on the creativity and attention-catching feature of cover design. When you are able to build your audience organically, they become loyal to your brand. Many followers are unlikely to click or follow a brand that has used the obvious boring traditional ads. Creativity and unique touch to determines your rate of success on Instagram marketing and influence. We have this special package specifically for that purse. Our blend creativity, finesse, and variety are intended to supercharge your normal Instagram posts that will make you stand out with inspiring visual art.


4. Use Compressed Files For Social Media.

Each social media page recommends specific file types. The most commonly used image types are Png and Jpeg files. Choosing the correct file type means choosing a file type that’s easy to download, easy to share and always retains correct image resolution on display. Bad images may also produce poor quality prints.  Instagram, for example, has a crop feature that may crop out important details from your cover design. For that reason, we offer our clients fantastic file compression, with optimized images for each social media page. Without tampering with the image’s fidelity and quality, our package offers the best file compression. It’s an absolute experience when it comes to faster loading time.

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