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Music Artworks are made possible by top-grade artists who craft Cover Artworks drawn from creative imaginations. We provide service to musicians who seek professional graphic illustration services that would elevate their music into visual imagery. We make it possible to give your listeners a lively experience through integrating emotional aspects into the Cover Art.


A great form of expression of persuasive art and iconic loud aggressive style with its delicate personality. Metal Cover Art is a combination of self-expression through forms of art, color selection, and music that captivates the loud attention of its own crowd.


Artistically designed to magnify the boundless power of electronic music for enchanting EDM Album Cover Art.

Engineered Society Project
Engineered Society Project
Fantastic job. Very creative. Quick turnaround and excellent communication.
Bramses Xalyxys
Bramses Xalyxys
I am the artist Bramses Xalyxys and I really love "Music Artworks".They are very responsible with their great work and they serve the client with great respect and seriousness.In addition, the designs are very attractive and recommended for any musical genre.Very grateful to the founder Michael.Thank you!
Andrew Heatwole
Andrew Heatwole
Michael is professional and gets work done in a timely manner. My band Price Of Apathy used him to create a custom album cover for us and we absolutely loved the artwork. His process for finding out what you want is easy and detailed. He perfectly created our vision for the album cover. His artwork is detailed and overall awesome!
Aidous Ngwe
Aidous Ngwe
highly recommend Michael..very professional,on point and delivers quality content very promptly..Will work with him always
Maria Alexe
Maria Alexe
I highly recommend Music Artworks and the man behind, Michael. Professional, clear and on point communication, with great vision and ideas. Michael has high knowledge sense of the music market and industry. He always has the client needs in mind, delivering the best unique artworks you will ever find on internet. My experience was highly professional and creative in the same time. Thank you!
Tom X
Tom X
Highly recommended! Michael worked very closely with me to create the art for my upcoming EP release. The final result not only looks fantastic, but helps to tell the story of the music inside. Having solid cover art is essential to gaining attention for your music, so needless to say I'm very happy.
Russ Knoebel
Russ Knoebel
Excellent service! Thank you so much!
Palladin Level 100
Palladin Level 100
Professional. Straight forward, willing too make changes to text with little notice, amazing talent, to the point and quick to deliver the product. This artist is very accomplished and has great vision and I can’t wait to see what other ideas this creator has….. thank you a million from Jonathon Page, Joshua Flint and Chris Lalic and everyone who Worked on The Gideon Suicide Handbook - Disassoci-Addict.Thank you so much once again Sincerely Jonathon
Brad Fischer
Brad Fischer
Great artwork! Delivered it in a timely manner and listened to requests.
Natalie Kolos
Natalie Kolos
That was a pleasure to work with Michael. Absolutely recommend!





Custom Cover Art Concept

Are you a musician who is about to drop his next album? Then, you are in the right place. Since you are an artist, you are more likely looking for someone who can understand that part of you. Long story short, we do. Our artists do not only have the best techniques, but they also have the best insight into someone else’s vision. We do not just deliver on the aesthetics and technical aspects of the craft, but also on the emotional levels. With vast experience in many custom cover projects, we are confident to bring you best result for full satisfaction.

  • What genres do we cater to?
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  • Our authentic promise
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  • Importance of Cover Art
  • Cover art provokes reactions
  • Cover art advertises your music
  • Cover art creates or solidifies relationships with your audience
  • Cover art reclaims the musical portfolio
  • Cover art inspires physical album purchases
  • Cover art represents your band and your brand

  • As we have mentioned earlier, our artists are flexible and inspired. They can produce stellar works for pop artists and rock bands alike. Even the genres that flow in between have their special matches on our site. We listen to various types of music and can connect with them on a holistic level. Music Artworks also made sure to hire artists with diverse tastes in music. We also make sure that you can easily use what we have. The cover art designs have been formatted for iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon, Harvest, and Source Audio. We know where you intend to sell your albums.
  • Do you want a cover art that expresses the high-pulsing rhythms of EDM? We know that electronic music is all about how those pulses and beats carry an almost spiritual rhythm that embraces you with a certain mood. Our artists are aware of this type of rhythmic connection and can express this through various media. Our artists are also masters in designing heavy metal covers. We know just how much rock bands want to find an iconic look that defines their vision. Our artists can transform an album cover into something a lot more than just a picture. The color selection, medium, and textures all represent what rock can be. It can be nightmarish and yet also comforting in the sense that it understands its target audience. Similarly, our artists understand what our clients need. So, we try to deliver as close to the vision as much as we can. Explore our portfolio, and you will see that we don’t just focus on the strange and enraged. Some albums reflect light, turning it towards the listener or the viewer. You know that what you are seeing is actually familiar. You, as the client, will see yourself. This is what your band is all about.
  • We have made a promise to make you feel seen and heard. Our artists can provide you that particular combination of image, color, and font that will translate into your vision and emotion. What type of reputation are you trying to build? Is this the core of your quest? Or perhaps, you are more interested in answering this question: what is your album trying to express? Maybe each of your albums is only a chapter of your reality. We will help you achieve the authenticity that you seek. Not only that: we will also protect that identity. Once you have chosen a cover art and have bought it, it becomes your intellectual property. Nobody else will be able to purchase the same design. The only time you may see your album cover shown elsewhere is through promotional purposes only. Our artists are willing to hear out your original vision for those who cannot find an album cover design that they like from our site. We also provide custom designs. Tell us what you need. Who are you, and what are your music’s mission and desired impact?
  • We also provide other services, such as logo design, social media package, and audio visualizer. Our artists can help you develop a holistic presence that will solidify your reputation as an individual musician or band.
  • You cannot judge a book by its cover. That is what people say, don’t they? You may scoff. Oh, but what we need is not a book. While that may be true, all types of covers are judged in the same way. People just don’t want to admit it. While we know there is a truth in the saying, we cannot stop the power of love at first sight. We all know that each human sense contributes to how we perceive something.  Our eyes judge what they see.
  • Have you ever seen a movie cover that made you cringe? You felt like it was done in poor taste? Maybe it was a rush job or even an amateurish one that highlights the low cost and newness of the production. Will you buy a copy of that movie? More likely, you will steer away unless you are the adventurous sort looking for a laugh. This is true with album cover art, too. A shabbily done job will easily reflect on your brand. Your target listeners may not even give your audio samples a chance if your album cover looks amateurish. Because you want to be taken seriously, you don’t want people to buy your music just because they want to have a laugh. Instead, you want people to fall in love with your album. Falling in love is encompassing. It begins with that first glance. Have you experienced turning around and seeing something that makes you catch your breath?  This is how you want your cover art to accomplish when people look at it, even for the very first time. You also want them to see new nuances after every new observation. They should not get tired of it. Your music plus your album’s cover art should altogether become your target audience’s battle cry.
  • Your cover art has to stand out. A cover art represents your inner workings. It is your quick pitch to the world. This is especially important if you are just starting out as a musician or a band. People won’t be looking for your name. Instead, they will be browsing musical genres. For example, you are an EDM musician. You are just about to drop an album that is on fire. Do people immediately know that this is the case? No. You need to appeal to people’s sense of artistry and personality. You want them to make a connection with your art with your album cover.
  • Oh, this musician uses symbols that appeal to me. The colors are vivid and express a load of emotion. This is what I feel right now. Therefore, I am going to listen in. This is the reaction you want from a completely new listener. Wow! I knew they would be able to deliver a whole album. I am glad I heard their first song. Their album cover looks like fire! That is how I feel right now. I am buying it. Sometimes, you have audiences who have already been introduced to your first musical sample. They love it. Now, they want more. So, they search for your name and then found your albums on sale. How your album cover looks can solidify their current raging trust in your artform. On the other hand, it can deflate their initial enthusiasm.
  • In the age of Spotify, iTunes, and many other digital music sources, the album seems to have died a definitive death. However, there is a way to rise above this and create a single product that includes a collection of your related works. We understand how artists want to be accepted as fully-developed hit-churners and not just as one-hit-wonders. You don’t want people to just take that one song and judge you for it. They must listen to the songs that have brought on a certain experience.  We want to go back to the days of records and even of compact discs without dismissing the digital age. Cover art serves as a gatewaySo, your target audience types in your musical genre on platforms such as Spotify.
    One of your songs pops up in one of the resulting playlists.
    They play it and are wowed by it.
    Your musical style appeals to them.
    Even though they are in a playlist with similar music, they are intrigued by what else you can offer.What is the first thing that they see when they zero in on your individual artist’s or band’s name? Yes, they will see your cover art. Your cover art speaks volumes. It lets your target audience decide whether to click that thumbnail and find out more. They will know if it is worth investing extra time in.
  • You may not completely believe this. After all, brick-and-mortar stores selling movie DVDs and Blu-ray have been closing left and right. People like the convenience of the digital form. But there is a group of people you must focus your energies on – the music aficionado. If you get the attention of this person and people like him, you may find a fan for life. These enthusiasts will want to have a physical copy of your album. Your cover art may ultimately decide if he will take that plunge. While things may seem dismal on the physical front, your fans will want a piece of you to display as part of their collection. In fact, 2015 has improved on the 2014 physical album sales, thanks to cover art. Digital collections do not have much power as this. However, for Generation Z, an album collection consists of cover art thumbnails. Yes, cover art will still factor in. A high-resolution, high-impact graphic design will help you achieve success.
  • Who are you as an artist? Talking about what you represent incessantly can destroy whatever mystique you want to create for yourself. One striking design can make that happen for you.

How it works

Now that you know what we are all about, what should you do to order?

Browse our portfolio of cover art. Check out which one speaks the most to you. The more impact it has on you, the more likely it is to captivate your intended audience. You will see that our artists have a way of exploring various moods, dreams, and visions. We have provided you with a myriad of landscapes to explore. Do you want to pave one of them, or do you want to pave your own?Step One

Decide on whether you want the album on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. What does this mean? Exclusive cover art is bought on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you saw it first and you want it to be a unique representation of what your band is all about, claim and purchase it on an exclusive basis. Nobody else can choose the same design to buy. Non-exclusive art can be sold to multiple buyers, with a few tweaks to add different content. If you are just starting out, you may not mind sharing the same design with other musical artists. While this may not appeal to your vision, it is a good starter kit for a tight budget. When you are browsing the premade designs, you will see that the works are organized into exclusive and non-exclusive categories. Some exclusive designs are not that expensive either. Then again, you need to find cover art that speaks to your soul.Step Two

Fill in a form. This form will ask for other content that you may want to add to your new cover art: Title, Artist Name, and even your existing logo. If you decide to add a customized logo from our artists, you may also indicate that you need this service. There is a box where you can type in customer notes. If you have an existing logo, you can upload it through this page. This is also where you can request a YouTube splash screen.Step Three

Take your new cover art to the checkout. Fill in the details required for you to complete your order. Our website is secure. So, you don’t have to worry about typing in your financial details. You can pay us via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can also use your credit card. We also request you to tell us where you found information about us. We always love to know if we are finally reaching out to musicians who need our services. Enter your email address so that we know just where to send our digital products.Step Four

We will look at your order and add the rest of your required content. This is where our artists activate both their talent and their ability to understand what others require. Since some of the albums have placeholders for your title and artist name, you already have a general idea of what it will look like in the end. This does not mean that you can just accept everything as is. You can contact us to know what we can still do for you. Do you have a unique vision that does not let up? Explain what you would like to find on your cover art. Is it going to be a simple font and alignment tweak? Or, would you like something more exhaustive, such as a completely different design? Talk to us. We may just have a way of giving you what you desire.Step Five

Once the draft is ready, we will show you a preview of the premade content plus the added information or design tweaks. This is your chance to examine the design closely. This is what is great about the digital format. We can work together to continue improving on your vision without a lot of hassle.Step Six

When you are satisfied, you can confirm your order. You will receive downloadable files through the email that you have provided us. Is it possible to get a refund? Because the files are digital, you will only get a refund if there is a technical issue. We have gone through the steps together. You have several chances to tweak the design according to your preferences. How long do you have to wait for your files? The process can be completed in a few hours if you are not making significant changes to a premade design. On the other hand, the process can also take days if you want your unique vision to take its visual form.Step Seven

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