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Elements of Emotion In Album Cover Art

It’s said that a book should not be judged by its covers. Some would...

Elements of Emotion In Hard Metal Album Cover Art

The roots of hard metal rock stretch to way back in the late 1960s....

5 Things To Do Before Starting an Album Cover Art

The ABC of Album Cover Art A well-designed album cover provides an artiste with...

The Power of Heavy Metal

Striding along with the vibration of amplified, distorted guitars in a concert hall brings...

The Art of EDM: Volume 1

Born out of the waning flames of the era of Disco and steadily gaining...

The perfect album cover art

You’ve just finished recording your dream track. Or even better an entire album. And...

Why you should invest in a professional cover art?

As they say, “Never judge a book by its cover”, I’m sure we have...

Looking for an inspiring Metal Cover Art? Music Artworks has just that!

Whether you’re a growler, a screamer, a machine-head or a soulful folk-rocker, no album...


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