Whether you’re a growler, a screamer, a machine-head or a soulful folk-rocker, no album is ever complete without some cool cover art that speaks to its themes and ideas. Music Artworks collaborates with only the best artistic talent to provide you with a tailored design that speaks to your sound, your message and your work. Here’s a list of iconic album covers with surreal elements that inspire what we do!

⦁ Sepultura – Roots (1996)

Credit: Sepultura

This concept art is reminiscent of heat, with its vibrant red arterial vines, juxtaposed against startling tribal imagery. The hollow space where the neck and the head meet speaks to the artist’s vision of disconnect from what they refer to as their very own “Bloody Roots”

⦁ Tool – Lateralus (2001)

Credit: Alex Grey

A spiritual masterpiece created by cover art designer Alex Grey, widely regarded as one of the most breathtaking of Tool’s collection of surreal cover art. Elements inspired by energy Chakras, spiral reminiscent of the Fibonacci Sequence and the physical manifestation of inner strength and vitality come together to provide the viewer with an almost ethereal visual, a quality that is also pervasive in the artists unique, other-worldly sound.

⦁ Powerwolf – Metallum Nostrum (2015)

Credit: Powerwolf

This piece of metal artwork is inspired by the Transylvanian Werewolf, a common feature amongst the band’s lyrical and musical composition. Notable for their Gothic themes and use of corpse paint, Powerwolf’s sound stirs up images of early Transylvanian legends and particularly gruesome religious tales. The artwork features a menacing horned beast, snarling in a tattered robe with a raven perched upon its shoulder.

⦁ Disturbed – Indestructible (2008)

Credit: Disturbed

Illustrated by artist David Finch, the cover of the album Indestructible features the band’s mascot, The Guy, marching forward through a fiery blaze. Arguably the most famous of Disturbed’s album covers, the burning imagery matches the aggressive attitude and themes of the album.

⦁ Diskord – Oscillations (2014)

Credit: Diskord

This colorful piece of cover art is far from the norm amongst Scandinavian Death Metal bands, but then again, Diskord’s sound is anything but expected. Their offbeat, technical sound invites the listener to look a little closer, drawing them in with each sudden switch and energetic growl, not unlike the swirling, merging colors of the artwork that come together to form a surreal image that could be interpreted as both something terrifying, as well as something serene. The bizarre, dreamlike image serves as the perfect background for the artist’s logo.

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