Born out of the waning flames of the era of Disco and steadily gaining popularity over the years, the genre of Electronic Dance Music has snowballed into a worldwide phenomenon that has birthed many sub-genres of its own. Whether it’s Ambient or Electro, House or Techno or even Industrial and Trance, EDM has something everyone can enjoy. Although it’s no secret that EDM has captured the hearts and minds of the general population, with its layered melodies and powerful beat progressions, it has also become a platform for the marriage of art and sound. This new format has inspired a new generation of artists who draw inspiration from sound to create a blend of visuals and music that is truly magical to behold. Take a look at some of the most iconic album covers to come out of Electronic music!

DVBBS – Love and Lies

The electronic duo of Canadian brothers, DVBBS (pronounced “dubs”) accompanied the release of their single Love and Lies with this intricate geometrical work of graphic design, featuring a confusion of intersecting lines of black and red that come together to reveal the image of a heart nestled within.

Stimming – Alpe Lusia

The Hamburg-based musician wrote his fourth album Alpe Lusia after spending a full month in isolation in a remote alpine hut in Northern Italy of the same name. This need for escape from the bustle of modern society and its distractions can be heard in the ambient sounds of a babbling brook featured on the album. The album artwork is inspired by that secluded little cottage away from the world, with soothing greens and blues that speak to the calmness of the artists’ vision.

Jon Hopkins – Immunity

Jon Hopkins is known for his unique use of distortion in the creation of rhythm, a gift he showcased on this surprisingly emotional and introspective album. The colorful artwork is a collaboration between Hopkins, art director Craig Ward and artist and biochemist Linden Gledhill, who used time-lapse photography of crystal growth and chemical reactions in an attempt to create music videos for the tracks.

Moderat – III

The third installment to Moderat’s album trilogy is littered with textures and melodies that come together to showcase the true beauty of order within chaos. The artwork, curated by Pfadfinderei was inspired by a Robert Crumb illustration for a short story by Charles Bukowski, with the subsequent albums following the same aesthetic, with the artist’s logo being featured prominently.

Ross From Friends – Family Portrait

This debut album by the British electronic musician was inspired by the artist’s reminiscence of his past, and his parent’s intricate relationship with dance music. The textured tracks blend retro with an element of contemporary emotion, resulting in something dark and nostalgic that emphasizes on what the genre can mean to people. The album cover design consists of abstract shapes against a sunny yellow background- a stunning metaphor for the album’s title.

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